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About ZNK-u

Publishers and Booksellers Association / Zajednica nakladnika i knjižara, ZNK / is a guild within the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The Croatian Chamber of Economy is a non-profit, non-governmental, professional and business association of all legal entities engaged in economic activity, holding the status of a legal entity.

Publishers and Booksellers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy / ZNK HGK / was initially formed from the Zagreb Chamber of Economy and in the late 1990s it grew into a national, umbrella association of the bookselling and publishing industry.

Statute of the Croatian Chamber of Economy

Publishers and Booksellers Association within the Croatian Chamber of Economy (hereinafter: ZNK HGK) is engaged in specific projects with its members, but also in public advocacy, lobbying with institutions, and other activities in the area of interest to the book and publishing sector.

For the quality and diversity of the book market, a Single Book Price Agreement (signed by the ZNK HGK, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Science, and the Ministry of the Economy), the copyright law and the reduced VAT rate have also been established.

A book is not only an economic asset, but also a cultural asset, therefore we have a close collaboration with various associations of writers and translators.

ZNK HGK has positioned itself as an interlocutor and stakeholder in the field of culture, science and economy, and it participates in all key processes pertaining to the regulation of legislation and decision-making regarding the support of the sector, with the following purpose:

• Protection of the status of books
• Supporting members, publishers and booksellers
• Promotion of Croatian literature
• Promotion of Croatian authors abroad

Statute HGK
Rules of procedure ZNK

Main objectives of ZNK HGK

1) Organizing publishers and booksellers, as a prerequisite for the survival and further development of publishing and bookselling as a creative industry, using groups divided into segments. There have been four groups so far: scientific and professional books, children’s books, textbooks, booksellers.

2) Assistance to publishers and booksellers by representing them before state institutions, public relations, promoting Croatian authors, reviewing production, better placement of books in the media, advocating the spread of reading culture.

3) Lobbying for changes and creating effective public policies for the survival, growth and development of the sector with all relevant institutions at the local, regional, national and international level.

TOPICS of interest

• Sales and distribution of books
• Overview of production on an annual basis
• Grants for publishers
• Economic support for publishers
• Policy of repurchase
• Tax policy, postage, customs and online sale of books
• Status of books in the media
• Author promotion – register of authors
• Market monitoring
• Intellectual property
• Translation policy – foreign authors and domestic authors in foreign languages

Secondary objectives of ZNK HGK

• Ensure the protection of the status of books, either by a new regulation or cooperation in the drafting of laws regulating any segment related to the books
• Ensure further work of publishers and booksellers
• Ensure the possibility of placing and selling books (by creating bookstores according to a sustainable model)
• Ensure and increase the support for science books
• Improve the visibility of the publishing and bookselling segment
• Raise awareness in the public, both professional and wider, on Croatian book production
• Develop media relations for the purpose of better presentation of information on books in the media
• Prepare annual overviews of current production, encourage translations into foreign languages, and place our books at book fairs
• Devise a proposal to change the tax policy that regulates the tax on donations of books and publications, and enables the sale of old editions
• Cooperate among sectors and institutions with all key stakeholders with the purpose of improving the status of book sector
• Encourage and co-organize projects and activities that contribute to the achievement of the main objective through cooperation with other associations, institutions and government agencies
• Regularly research the readership and purchase of books, monitor production, ensure quality supervision as a basis for decision-making and development of plans and strategies

Members of the Council of the Community of Publishers and Bookstores

Slavko Kozina, Naša djeca, predsjednik

Zvonimir Čimić, Znanje d.o.o., zamjenik predsjednika
Nikica Micevski, Fokus komunikacije d.o.o., član Vijeća
Matilda Bulić, Školska knjiga d.d., član Vijeća
Anita Šikić, Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada, član Vijeća
Ivana Ljevak Lebeda, Naklada Ljevak d.o.o., član Vijeća
Mišo Nejašmić, Superknjižara d.o.o., član Vijeća
Bojan Vidmar, Mozaik knjiga d.o.o., član Vijeća
Miro Radalj, Verbum d.o.o., član Vijeća
Seid Serdarević, Fraktura d.o.o., član Vijeća
Marko Punčikar Opitz, Profil Klett d.o.o., član Vijeća
Marina Kralj Vidačak, Planetopija d.o.o., član Vijeća


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